Craig Hewitt Chapter

2017 Award Winners

IPMS Phoenix/Craig Hewitt Chapter Annual Awards

 Every year at our Christmas party, we present a couple of our members with awards to honor them for their service. 
Those awards are the Pat Fowler Member of the Year Award, and the Modeler of the Year Award
Below is some basic information about the awards along with a list of the recipients.

"Pat Fowler Member of the Year Award"

Started in 2001, this is an award given to the member who has done the most for the club that year. 
It is essentially a service award, and generally is only awarded once to a person.  
The chapter president nominates a name or two and the entire executive board affirms the choice.  
 Note that there is nothing written in the by-laws about this award.  
The name of the trophy is the Golden Corsair, which is a deliberately cheesy gold-painted metal model of an F4U Corsair.

Tim Bongard
What else can you say about someone who always goes above and beyond by putting others first.  Tim has been tireless not only in the last year,
but since he became a member of IPMS Phoenix. Without Tim’s dedication to the club, I don’t know how we would have succeeded. 
He spent 2016 making sure the club had everything it needed.  Starting first by being elected Treasurer, Tim powered through making sure that all the club members would have new name badges. He continually goes out of his way to use his molding and casting experience to help club members out. 
Tim also stepped up to be a major player in the 2017 club Group Build by offering his word working skills to make the large base display. 
IPMS Phoenix is so proud to have Tim as the 2016 Member of the Year.
Lyn Gorton
Talk about hitting the ground running, Lyn epitomizes the phrase.  From the first meeting Lyn attended, he started volunteering. 
Whether it was helping out at the monthly club judging, taking part in numerous Make and Takes in town or helping out at the
club’s booth at Saboten-con, Lyn is a true asset to this organization.  Lyn made sure to get involved in any way possible. 
He has helped out Modelzona with numerous types of assistance both in the planning and execution. 
Through his unwavering efforts, Lyn is a model (get it)of what new members should be and we are so proud to have him as the
2016 Rookie of the Year.
Wendell Rogers
Any person brave enough to tackle being the Modelzona Chairperson is worthy of heaps of praise. 
But to do it for the last several years in a row?  That is worthy of so much more. ongoing years of dedication to the club. 
Tackling a demanding role as Modelzona Chairperson is something that Wendell has never flinched at.
He continues to make Modelzona one of the largest and most successful scale model contests in the United States. 
He is always able to deftly handle any situation that arises.  Beyond Modelzona, Wendell has been a staple of the
club and contributed to several club Group Builds. 
Thank you so much for your hard work Wendell.
IPMS Phoenix is so honored to bestow the 2016 Lifetime Achievement Award upon Wendell Rogers

2015 Modeler of the Year Standings

These are the current Modeler of the Year standings. The top modelers are shown.

Points are earned by bringing a model for display and winning the monthly contests.
Point values are as follows:

1 (one) point for each model on display and 3 points for a contest wining model.

1 (one) point for attendance at a monthly meeting is also included.

Be sure to bring your latest finished projects to each meeting.

As of December 2015

NAME Model Points Attendance Total
Gary Thomas 64 6 70
Jim Pearsall 51 9 60
Brian Baker 47 7 54
Jeff Alderman 32 10 42
Don Stewart 30 8 38
Ethan Dunsford 20 10 30
Dale Mickley 19 10 29
Craig Brown 18 8 26
Chuck Ludwig 15 10 25

2015 Club Officer Elections


Have you ever wanted to run for office? Are you interested in helping the club? Want to become an even more active member?

Well then, it is almost time to have our bi-annual club officer elections.

Elected officers serve for one, two year term and no more than two terms consecutively.

If you are interested, make sure you meet with the selection committee in order to get your name on the ballot.

Since this is just a local election, you will only be allowed three negative TV campaign ads.

Make sure you hire your polling firms soon. Get your campaign manager to nail down your strategy.

Lastly, due to last election’s tragic incident, no robo-calls will be allowed.

Elected Positions and Their Duties:

President— The President shall exercise the powers and perform the duties assigned to him by the Chapter Constitution and By-Laws. The President shall serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the Chapter, and shall preside at all Chapter and Executive Board meetings. The President shall serve as Program Chair whenever no other person is designated.

Vice-President— The Vice-President shall perform such Chapter-related duties as may be assigned by the President, or by the Chapter's Executive Board, within the terms of the Chapter Constitution and By-Laws, and shall perform such other duties as are usually incident to the office. The Vice President shall discharge the duties of the President whenever, at the discretion of the Executive Board, the disability or absence of the President makes such service necessary. 

Secretary— The Secretary shall keep a record of the proceedings of all meetings of the Chapter, and of all other matters of which a record shall be ordered by the Chapter Executive Board. The Secretary shall keep a record of the membership of all committees, of their appointment or election. The Secretary shall serve as Chapter Historian whenever no other person is so designated. The Secretary shall issue notices of all special meetings. The Secretary shall perform such other duties as may, from time to time, be assigned by the President, the Executive Board, the Constitution and By -Laws of the Chapter, or as are usually incident to the office.

Treasurer—The Treasurer shall be responsible for the Chapter Treasury. The Treasurer shall keep regular accounts in books belonging to the Chapter, which shall be open to the inspection of any member of the Chapter Executive Board. The treasurer is responsible for maintaining records of dues payments. The records shall be available for inspection at general membership meetings or as requested by the Executive Board. The Treasurer shall make annual reports upon the condition of the Treasury, and at such other times as requested by the President or the Chapter Executive Board. The Treasurer shall act as membership registrar, maintaining a current roster of Chapter members in good standing. The Treasurer shall be responsible for preventing distribution of this roster to any outside person or group without permission of the Executive Board.

Member at Large—The Executive Board Member At Large shall meet regularly with the Executive Board for the purposes of planning and executing programs for the good of the Chapter. The Member At Large may hold a specific position, such as Committee head, as appointed by the President.


IPMS/USA is the United States Branch of the International Plastic Modelers' Society, whose roots can be traced to the startup of the first IPMS National Branch during the 1960's in Great Britain. In 1964 a US-based modeler applied for a charter to start the US Branch. In the ensuing 4 decades, IPMS/USA has become a 5,000 member, all-volunteer organization dedicated to promoting the modeling hobby while providing a venue for modelers to share their skills in a social setting, along with friendly but spirited competition in the form of local, regional, and national contests and conventions.

As this is written, there are over 220 active US chapters (including groups in Canada and the Philippines as well as one "cyber-chapter" existing entirely on the internet). These chapters are organized into 13 geographically-determined Regions, overseen by Regional Coordinators. The IPMS/USA Executive Board, made up of elected and appointed members, serves as the overall governing body for IPMS/USA.

IPMS/USA produces the Modelers' Journal, an all-color magazine supplied to our members 6 times each year. Sample copies of the Journal are available upon request, and you'll find several cover shots elsewhere in this handout.

In addition, IPMS/USA maintains one of the largest and most-visited public websites in the modeling community (www.ipmsusa.org). Members and visitors can view product reviews, chapter and contest information, see examples of members' work, and view images of contest, museum walkarounds, and the like. A members-only Forum allows discussion of specific topics of interest amongst our membership. The remainder of the website is open to the modeling public and sees thousands of hits weekly.

If you'd like to join the IPMS/USA click HERE for more info.